We stock a range of deli items made by producers who share our ethos and passion for their craft. Farmhouse cheeses, freshly-roasted coffee beans, craft beers, wines and preserves make the perfect partners for our breads, pastries and cakes.

Having lived in Spain and France, we have a soft spot for Spanish and French food and wine which can be found on our shelves alongside the best of British. We are proud to support other local producers and our deli range often includes locally-made cheeses, beers and preserves.

Our cheese counter boasts some of the very best British and continental farmhouse cheeses. Staples include full-flavoured Brie de Meaux, savoury farmhouse cheddars such as Westcombe or Montgomery’s and rich and complex Colston Bassett Stilton. Other fine cheeses make frequent appearances, from Appleby’s Cheshire to Wigmore. Our selection varies according to the season and also depending on what we fancy.

If you are looking for a particular cheese, or if you want to put together a cheeseboard for a dinner party or celebration, let us know and we will be happy to offer help and advice. We can also create Cheese Wedding Cakes which are increasingly popular with cheese-loving couples.

We always encourage customers to sample cheeses before they buy. If there’s something on our counter that you’d like to try, just ask. Cheeses and other deli products can also be sampled at our food, wine & beer tasting events and they feature heavily in our take-away lunch menu.